How To Turn Something As Unsexy As Car Rental Into A Social Media Hit

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Incidentally, we also see Enterprise Holdings other brand, National , doing a fair job of engaging their fans too. Enterprises content strategy in Facebook The content strategy employed by Enterprise integrates current events, brand information, travel tips, CSR activities and other uniquely branded posts. Its series of Family Road Trip Tips have been a huge hit and the standardization in the images makes them easily recognizable from a branding perspective. The quotes/ideas from employees brings out the human side of the company and is a content strategy that is shown to work very well for other non-sexy brands like UPS , GE and Dow Chemical . Similarly, this strategy has boosted their engagement above and beyond the sector average. The post below about the Stanley Cup caught the attention of many and brought in an Engagement Score of 196 (the average post in the sector scored 35 and Enterprise had an average engagement score of 53).
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More rental tenants bought homes in last 2 years: MND

The program is designed for companies and businesses that need forklifts on a regular basis, but not always on consecutive days. “Many of our clients need a forklift for inventory, moving merchandise, or other purposes, but only for a few days a month,” said Stephen Jesson, Executive VP of “Our new program allows these frequent users to pay the lowest possible rate by taking a look at their rental needs over the course of a year and extending that discount,” he added. “This is another way we provide our clients with the best products, the best service and the best prices.” is the nation’s largest Internet provider of construction rental equipment, with a network of thousands of dealer locations, and an unsurpassed selection.
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It also pointed out that first-timer low-income households could buy a two-room flat for as little as S$16,000 in the latest Build-to-Order launch, after factoring in government grants. Of the 49,500 public rental flats available, 48,200 units are occupied. By 2017, the number available will go up to 60,000 units.
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