Bed Wedge Provides Safe, Simple Way for a Rejuvenating Night of Rest

Acting as a barrier between the top of your mattress and the floor below, The Bed Wedge is constructed using a scientifically tested, high density polyurethane material specifically designed to work with two opposable forces (headboard and mattress). When used as instructed, The Bed Wedge forms a soft, comfortable barrier that prevents items from falling or becoming stuck between a headboard and mattress. “Several times a night I would wake up because my pillow was disappearing between the headboard and mattress and interrupting my valuable REM sleep,” said co-inventor and partner Ed Peisner. “After we created The Bed Wedge, we realized it instantly solved that and many more problems adults and children experience that ruin a good night of sleep.” The Bed Wedge is not only practical, it also increases safety! Each year, thousands of injuries are reported as a result of a child or adult reaching behind their mattress while trying to retrieve a lost item. Advantages of using The Bed Wedge: Avoid injuries from fishing items out of that difficult gap behind the bed Children won’t lose their favorite stuffed toy to the “dead zone” Side sleepers never bump their elbows on a hard surface in the night Bedside items and emergency flashlights are always within arm’s reach Prop yourself up more comfortably when reading or watching TV in bed Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns and made to fit any bed size, The Bed Wedge will be a stylish addition to any bedroom. “We LOVE our bed wedge! My 8 year old son will not sleep without his now!
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Home Loan Advice Offered In New Loan Love Article Category

One of the featured articles helps home buyers to determine what size loan they would be able to qualify for. In this article, borrowers can learn about loan prequalification calculators and how they can use them to find the right sized home loan to fit their needs. The Loan Love article gives some tips on what to look for when utilizing these calculators, as well as some potential pitfalls, such as underestimating the full cost of an ARM, which borrowers should look out for. Another article in this category gives new borrowers advice on how mortgage rate locks work. The article explains how this part of the loan process can be used to ensure that the best rates are had and also gives advice on when to lock and when to float. These words of advice are particularly pertinent, especially nowadays when mortgage interest rates can change drastically without any prior warning, as was experienced with last month’s sudden rapid interest rate increase. The article says: If you’ve been mortgage shopping, you’ve probably seen a lot of interest rates some lower than others. You’ve probably also been following news reports about the recent increase in rates, and even though rates are still near record lows, it’s pretty obvious that now is the time to take out a new mortgage or refinance an existing one.
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